The idea behind Crave is simple. At its core we’re just two creative guys that enjoy bringing amazing content to life. Chris + Dave = Crave

Bigger picture… We’re a cross medium, boutique, content creation agency with full service photography & video production capabilities.  We specialize in capturing hunger inducing still and moving assets for brands, agencies, and restaurants. We live to develop concepts, ideate, storyboard, and pitch, but we're also happy to simply share our expertise in turning your content needs into efficient and engaging productions.  

We bring our passion, creativity, ingenuity, and vision to work with us each and every day for one purpose, to create beautiful and engaging social, motion, print, and packaging content. Crave is more than a place, a person, a name on a business card; it’s the culmination of a decade of experience, expertise, and instinctual ability to turn a vision into a tangible, delectably, mouth watering asset. We’re here to inspire you with ideas, bring your creative brief to life, develop concepts, and sometimes just to hang out, talk shop, listen to music, and play with the dogs...





Dude wears a lot of hats, is almost always wearing a hat, and actually owns a ton of hats to back up the old adage. Chris has been working agency productions for over 10 years now. He’s a critical creative partner throughout the whole process, from concept development through post production. Chris collaborates with creative teams to help them understand how to make the transition from concept to reality and how to do it artfully. A DP first and foremost, he uses his strengths in ideation, photography, editing, and sound design to better tell your story. Chris has a giant laugh and a bigger heart with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 chickens, 1 tree frog, and a lovely wife.



Yes, Chris has his hats, but Dave’s accessory of choice is likely his glasses. Used for dramatic effect, protection (from table saw usage), & sight no less, Dave is often seen adjusting his specs as he builds decks, crafts directors boards, & keeps a close eye on the details. Dave has been around productions since the late 90’s & some of his hats include, Camera Operator, Art Director, Producer, Editor, Colorist, & After Effects Artist. As a Creative Director for the last 5 years, Dave has managed teams, directed countless productions, & made a ton of beautiful content. Dave loves to nerd out a bit on tech & sci-fi but enjoys taking a step back, getting his hands dirty with a wood working project, playing “I don’t fetch” with his dog, & traveling in the mountains with his lady.